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Why ICF?

Here’s some of what we’ve learned over our 25 years of experience in ICF construction and installation.


Money Saving and Eco-friendly
ICF blocks are eco-friendly and a great long-term property investment for reducing energy and heating bills. Homes built with ICF see benefits of up to 70% better energy performance compared to wood framing.

Affordable living + Eco Friendly = Sustainable Future

Durable Structure
An ICF system has a solid concrete core, providing you with the maximum strength and comfort to suit your property location and climate.

Less Labour & Equipment
When building with ICF, the construction time can be less than half the time of standard builds. ICF requires less manpower and resources.

Design Flexibility
When building with ICF, the possibilities are limitless. Your dream home can be built in any size, shape or design, with as many openings and external finishes you want.

Disaster Proof
Not only does ICF save you energy, time and money – ICF protects you. Buildings constructed with ICF are 6-9 times stronger than traditional builds and offer different types of resistance to elements such as noise, fire, wind, and earthquakes.
ICF Installation photo


“Flat or panel systems” are similar to conventionally poured walls, resulting in uniform thickness.  The foam panels are connected with plastic or steel ties that hold them in place.

In a “grid” system, concrete is poured into a network of vertical and horizontal channels.  Grids can either be screen grid or waffle grid and this provides a lower cost for structures using plaster or stucco.

“Plank” systems are narrow horizontal planks that stack vertically.  They are longer like panels in the horizontal directions but shorter like blocks in the vertical direction.

“Post and beam” systems have horizontal and vertical columns of concrete that are encapsulated in foam insulation.  The “sandwich” pieces provide the form and insulation and they are connected by plastic webs. The spacing between can also be customized.

Concrete does not “eat” or dissolve the expanded polystyrene (EPS) and the plastic webs that hold the panels together are embedded in the concrete.  The sides of these webs provide a nailing surface, functioning like a stud. So if you want to install drywall, you can screw through the boards with regular drywall screws.

ICF Installation

Here’s why more and more people are choosing to build with ICF.

A 6-inch concrete core is approximately 10X stronger than wood. This allows a more adventurous design with the flexibility of more or larger openings and placing those openings where wood framing would make that difficult. The thickness of the wall provides the opportunity for window seating and/or other attractive architectural design features.

Wood product costs have risen exponentially over the years, whereas ICF and concrete have only risen 6-7%. Rebar has risen too, but that is only a small portion of the install. Helix is also an option where steel fibers are mixed in with the concrete, alleviating the cost of rebar labour altogether. In the Ontario Building code, rebar is not required in a single-level residential home.

Calculating the true R-value, ICF calculates at closer to R-22 whereas a wood frame is R-17. With the elimination of thermal bridging, ICF frequently achieves R-40 and upward. It is not uncommon for homeowners to see 60% energy savings on an ICF home.

ICF is weatherproof, disaster-proof, fireproof, and bulletproof. Noise from traffic, wind, rain, airplanes, and even neighbours is virtually eliminated. There are no longevity problems as with wood (wet/dry rot, termites, etc)
ICF is faster to build with than wood. A 2700 sq ft build only takes 11 days, from start to pour, including all the wall bracing, bucking, and other prep work with only a 4 man crew.

The general opinion is that building with ICF is expensive. It is simply not. The cost is comparable to that of standard wood framing (pre-pandemic pricing). Now with wood materials at an all-time high and mortgages at an all-time low, the savings is in the short term. And then the true cost savings element kicks in, with the speed of construction, the disaster-proof structure, minimal maintenance, and reduced utility and insurance bills for the long term.

ICF Decorative retaining walls are durable, cost-effective, versatile, and environmentally friendly. ICF is capable of almost any design, any slope, any curve, any angle, and the installation time is fast. Studies have shown that decorative retaining walls built with ICF can be built up to 19 times faster than your average concrete wall.

With ICF’s weather proof nature we were able to complete the construction of a large 6000 sq/ft warehouse in the middle of winter.
With ICF’s weather proof nature we were able to complete the construction of a large 6000 sq/ft warehouse in the middle of winter.

Backyard retreats

ICF is for more than just industrial and commercial construction.

ICF pools are faster to build than concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools. Regular concrete pools require a lot of upkeep and can crack over time, becoming weak and susceptible to algae growth. ICF surrounds the concrete with EPS foam, creating a waterproof barrier to protect the concrete. ICF pools offer the same durability without the hassle and costly maintenance.

In addition to being economical, durable, and fast, the ICF lightweight blocks or panels are easy to lift and install in even the smallest of backyards offering many options to choose from including radius or curved panels.

ICF also offers better insulation, reducing heat loss and lower energy consumption. In-floor radiant heating can also be installed. Experts calculate that up to 80% of a pool’s heat is lost through the sides and bottom of the pool because the ground conducts heat far more efficiently than air does. Considering the surface areas involved, continuous insulation is the best choice. ICF also gives unparalleled strength to the structure so you can enjoy your pool for a lifetime.

Finishing option products make it even possible to skip the shotcrete and vinyl liners. These amazing waterproof pool finishes, in a wide range of colours, can be applied directly to ICF.

ICF Pool RV Construction

ICF pools are built faster than concrete or fibreglass and designed to last a lifetime.

What can we build for you today?